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Coach Kyle Washington is the best coach I know. He exemplifies the way a coach should approach his player. A professional athlete turned coach, he provides hitting instruction passed down from professional coaches across the country. The subtle nuances of hitting different types of pitches are passed along to your child. All in a positive, friendly and goal oriented lesson. He teaches at the player's level in small, understandable lessons. He builds one skill, then layers in another. The player builds  self-confidence in himself, smiles and enjoys the sport as Coach Kyle exclaims "PERFECT!". Eventually, skill and precision lead to "PERFECT" being heard over and over. He built my son's swing, but he also helped keep the game fun. You can not find a better coach, with a better influence, for your child. Just my humble opinion. - Bret Griffin, Father of John Paul Griffin, BA .464 (2017) "Most Valuable Hitter" & .432 (2016).



Very truly,


Bret Griffin

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